Colourless, antiseptic and hypoallergenic soap cartridge for handwashing. Suitable for the stainless steel soap dispenser. Perfect for use in the agri-food industry where hygiene is a major issue.


1L antiseptic soap cartridge with long beak pump, suitable for the stainless steel soap dispenser.
Colorant-free, fragrance-free and EDTA-free antiseptic soap.
Composition: Didecyl dimethylammonium chloride CAS n° 7173-51-5 (0,65% w/w), polyhexamethylenebiguanide CAS n°27083-27-8 (0,4% w/w), nonionic surfactants.
Formulated to minimize risks of allergic reactions.
Antiseptic soap complying with the following standards:
- EN 1040 (+SARM), EN 1276 (+EBSE), EN 13727 (hand conditions), EN 1499 (1.5ml) regarding bacteria (contact time: 30 seconds).
- EN 1275 (contact times: 30 seconds) and EN 1650 (contact times: 1 minute), regarding yeasts.
- EN 14476: Adenovirus, Rotavirus, HIV, H1N1 (contact time: 30 seconds) regarding virus.
Complies with order of 8 September 1999 regarding cleaning products for materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs, food products or beverages for human or animal consumption.

1L Antiseptic soap cartridge

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Data sheet
Capacity 1L
Colours almost colourless to slightly yellowish
Aspect Clear to slightly opalescent
pH (pure) 5.5 - 6.5
Density 1.004 – 1.014
Viscosity range 1600 - 3600 mPa.s
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