Pack of 6 white glue boards for AGR glueboard fly killer (spare parts). This sticky glue board has to be mounted in the fly killer behind shatterproof tubes to trap flying insects attracted by UV-A rays. Particularly appropriate in the agri-food industry, especially in poultry slaughterhouses.


This glue board has to be used with AGR glueboard fly killer (sold separately).
Made of Correx® (double-faced corrugated plastic): lightweight, strong, long-lasting, moisture resistant, low-temperature resistant, chemical resistant and non-toxic.
The glue board is dust and UV resistant. It also resist to temperature up to 60°C.
It is made up of 2 sides with a removable silicone sheet and grid pattern (for ease of counting). Pack of 6 glue boards.

Glue boards for AGR fly killer - pack of 6

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Data sheet
Colours white
Glue board dimensions 19 x 43.5 cm
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