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Once poultry has been cut-up, it is ready to be packaged. We offer professional equipment to package entire poultry or parts. Paraffin coated food paper will allow you to easily package cut-up or whole poultry. A vacuum packing machine enables to package entire poultry or parts while ensuring proper preservation conditions. Adhesive labels for vacuum packaging bags will help you ensuring packaged foodstuffs traceability. Elastic food ties are very useful to truss poultry and to facilitate cooking. Poultry can also be packaged in a poultry tray with a specific wrapping machine with stretch film. Packaging funnels allow you to package entire poultry in plastic bags more easily. Gusseted crate liners used inside the plastic crates avoid direct contact with poultry.

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    Poultry packaging funnel 21 cm

    Packaging funnels allow you to manually package entire poultry in plastic bags more easily. Suitable for small to medium-size poultry (small chicken, guinea fowls, pigeon, quail). Table-mounted packaging funnel.

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    Packaging funnel 26 cm

    Packaging funnels allow you to manually package entire poultry in plastic bags more easily. Suitable for medium to large size poultry (large chicken, duck and goose). Table-mounted packaging funnel.

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    Paraffin coated food paper

    Greaseproof and one-side paraffin coated food paper. Perfect for the packaging of cut-up or whole poultry, for direct selling. The use of paraffin coated food paper for poultry packaging guarantees an excellent protection of the meat. Food-contact guaranteed paraffin coated paper (including dry, moist, and fatty foods).

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    Tray wrapper

    Tray wrapper allowing you to manually package poultry in polystyrene trays with stretch film (maximum width: 600mm). Can be used to wrap whole poultry or pieces in trays. Tabletop model.

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    Food packaging stretch film

    Food-grade stretch film roll for tray wrapper (sold separately). To wrap whole poultry or pieces in trays.

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    Polystyrene trays for pigeon x500

    White polystyrene tray designed to wrap whole pigeon, cockerel or quail. These polystyrene trays for pigeon have been designed specifically for the food industry and provides an excellent protection and thermal insulation, guarantying poultry freshness.

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    Polystyrene chicken trays x1000

    Designed specifically for the agri-food industry, to wrap whole chicken while providing protection, thermal insulation and guarantying poultry freshness.

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    Polystyrene trays for chicken and turkey x480

    White polystyrene trays allowing you to wrap whole free-range chicken or turkey. The use of polystyrene trays for poultry packaging ensures optimal protection, thermal insulation and guarantees poultry freshness.

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    Polystyrene trays for large poultry x420

    White polystyrene trays perfect to package large poultry: turkey, capon, rooster, duck, goose, etc. Guarantee optimal protection, thermal insulation and poultry freshness.

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    Elastic food ties for poultry

    Food-contact guaranteed elastic food ties allowing you to tie up whole poultry for better cooking conditions or to tie up pieces to make roasts.  

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    Vacuum packing machine

    Professional single chamber vacuum packing machine to vacuum-pack poultry automatically and easily for better hygiene and conservation. This vacuum packing machine is a big table model and can be completely adjusted to your needs (vacuum packing time, sealing time, sealing temperature, etc.).

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    Insert plate for vacuum packing machine

    Insert plate to reduce the volume of the vacuum chamber, to vacuum-pack small poultry pieces or small bags. Allow you to use the vacuum packing machine at optimal performance even with small volume and to achieve energy saving.

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    250x300 Vacuum packaging bags

    Vacuum packaging bags designed to vacuum-pack any type of foodstuffs in order to better preserve it. This size allows you to vacuum-pack poultry pieces. To be used with the vacuum packing machine (sold separately).

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    300x400 Vacuum packaging bags

    Vacuum packaging bags for the vacuum packing machine, allowing you to vacuum-pack any foodstuff. Poultry carcasses can be packaged in these bags (whole poultry or poultry cut in half, depending on the weight).

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    Waxed cloth bone guard

    Waxed cloth bone guard for meat vacuum packing with sharp bones. Prevents vacuum packaging bags from being pierced during vacuum sealing or transport. Dead fold capability, retains its shape when placed over product prior to packaging. Easy to use even with temperatures between 0 to 5°C.

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    Labels for vacuum packaging bag

    Pre-printed labels for vacuum packaging bag. Hand-write on the label. Cold and moisture resistant. Adhere perfectly and remove easily without leaving any residue. Suitable for any surface (vacuum packaging bags, gastronorm pans, stretch film, etc.). The perfect solution to ensure traceability and identification of processed products, packaged, transported...

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    Gusseted crate liners x400

    Gusseted crate liners for dead poultry plastic crates, to overwrap whole poultry or pieces (to prevent contact with the meat or outside contaminants). Food-contact guaranteed and deep freezing allowed. High quality gusseted crate liners offering higher tear strength.

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