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Wearing handling gloves is particularly appropriate to protect hands and to provide a better grip for handling operations (live poultry crates, etc.). We can provides several types of handling gloves. Light material handling gloves are thin and comfortable while providing high protection against abrasion. Heavy-duty handling gloves, thicker and reinforced, allowing to handle sharp components (with cutting edges, etc.) and providing high protection in slightly greasy environment. Knitted thermal gloves are great for work in cold environments.

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    Heavy-duty handling gloves

    Heavy-duty handling gloves designed to handle relatively heavy sharps objects (high protection against sharp and cutting edges), particularly in greasy environments. These heavy-duty handling gloves offer high resistance to mechanical hazards, great abrasion and blade cut resistance. Guarantee great comfort of use.

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    Light material handling gloves

    Light handling gloves, appropriate for general purpose or for handling and assembling in wet and greasy environments. These light material handling gloves provide hands protection, close fit and safety. Outstanding dexterity even for precision work. Maximum comfort and added sturdiness.

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    Knitted thermal gloves

    Knitted thermal gloves providing hands protection against cold, up to -10°C, in the food industry (for cold or refrigerated environments). Knitted and seamless, these knitted thermal gloves offer good comfort of use, great dexterity, and help eliminating perspiration to prevent cooling and therefore maintain body heat.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items