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Our range of protective gloves covers various types of risks that can be encountered throughout the poultry slaughtering process. Electrical insulating gloves can protect the operator against electrical shocks while sunning poultry. Nitrile waterproof protective gloves provide an excellent hand protection against water and humidity. Our protective gloves can be used: either for food preparation, for frozen products handling or while using cleaning products and detergents. We can provide two types of protective gloves: with short or long sleeve, depending on the desired level of protection. We can also offer polyurethane oversleeves, that are reusable and that can be worn with gloves for a complete arms and hands protection. Hot water gloves will protect the operator’s hands against hot water while scalding poultry. Knitted thermal gloves ensures hands protection against cold, up to -10°C.

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    Insulating gloves

    Electrical insulating gloves offering personal protection against electrical shocks up to 500V. These insulating gloves are perfect to protect the operator and to avoid potential safety hazards while using a poultry stunner. The shape of these insulating gloves has been designed to guarantee an excellent dexterity and ergonomy.

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    Waterproof nitrile gloves

    Waterproof nitrile gloves protecting against liquids and mechanical hazards. Suitable for contact with all food stuffs (even with fatty food). Appropriate for poultry processing, for cleaning and maintenance. Manufactured from a nitrile compound (perfect where natural rubber latex gloves cannot be used and to avoid any risk of allergy). Outstanding...

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    Long sleeve gloves

    Long sleeve gloves for a complete arm protection against water, dirt and dust. These long sleeve gloves are suitable for use in the food industry (food processing), and for cleaning or maintenance. They provide good grip (in wet and slippery environments), great dexterity and pliability, even at low temperatures.

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    Heat resistant gloves

    Unique and original food contact heat resistant gloves. These heat resistant gloves provide protection against heat up to 250°C. Food contact guaranteed. Anatomical shape. These heat resistant gloves can also be used as a protection against cold and chemical.

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    Hot water gloves

    Waterproof and long sleeve gloves providing hands and arms protection against hot water (up to 60-70°C). These hot water gloves can be used for manual poultry scalding.

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    Knitted thermal gloves

    Knitted thermal gloves providing hands protection against cold, up to -10°C, in the food industry (for cold or refrigerated environments). Knitted and seamless, these knitted thermal gloves offer good comfort of use, great dexterity, and help eliminating perspiration to prevent cooling and therefore maintain body heat.

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    Polyurethane oversleeves

    Food-contact guaranteed polyurethane oversleeves. This waterproof oversleeves provide complete protection of arms and forearms against possible splashes or spraying of blood all along the poultry slaughtering process. These polyurethane oversleeves also ensures protection against common cleaning products. The neoprene tightening offers great comfort at...

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