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Discover our safety glasses ensuring optimal protection of the operator’s eyes against low energy impacts. Our safety glasses can be used, for instance, while dry plucking poultry. We offer various types of safety glasses: transparent safety glasses, safety glasses fitted with adjustable temples and high performance safety glasses, supplied with temples and headband, for an optimal ocular protection.

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    Transparent plastic safety glasses

    Transparent plastic safety glasses with clear lens, against mechanical risks (general use) and UV rays. Perfect for use with a dry plucking machine. Protective and transparent glasses offering optimal eye protection and non-altered colour perception. Lightweight and tapered-shaped (rounded-shape following the curves of the face). Comfortable to wear...

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    Adjustable safety glasses

    Safety glasses with adjustable temple length to fit all faces. Wrap-around lens providing optimal protection and good comfort. These safety glasses can be worn permanently to protect the eyes from low energy impacts in work environments. Suitable to protect the eyes when dry plucking.

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    High performance safety glasses

    High performance safety glasses, offering a powerful protection for demanding work environments (impacts, wind, dust, particulates). Perfect for use with a dry plucking machine. Modern design. These heavy-duty safety glasses will fit all faces (various fitting characteristics) for great comfort, even when worn all day long.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items