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Hand hygiene is very important in the agri-food industry. We offer a wide range of accessories ensuring proper hygiene within slaughter facilities. Discover the hygienic pass-through for hands disinfection: the ideal unit for a hygienic work process. A knee-operated stainless steel wash basin is particularly recommended for hand washing. Stainless steel soap dispensers are also available, such as antiseptic soap cartridges. To dry hands in excellent hygiene conditions, we can also provide a paper towel dispenser. Lastly, discover our bin range and choose the most appropriate bin for your slaughter facility.

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    Hygienic pass-through for hand disinfection

    This hygienic pass-through is fitted with an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser and a turnstile. The hygienic pass-through disinfects both hands simultaneously. Once hands disinfection is completed the turnstile is released. The ideal unit for a hygienic work process.

    4 680,00 €
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    Hand wash basin with apron support

    Easy to install and to use. Compact and ergonomic design. Can easily fit in tight spaces. This economy stainless steel hand sink is knee-operated to ensure good hygiene conditions. Good performance-price ratio.

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  • Knife sterilizer with hand wash basin

    This hand wash basin is combined with a hot water knife sterilizer which is very convenient for small spaces. Perfect for small processing units. Very hygienic, it allows the operator to wash hands and to disinfect cutting knives.

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    Nail brush with chain

    Professional nail brush with chain. The chain is important for a use in the agri-food industry in order to hang it so that it cannot drop, to prevent microbes transfer. Its handle offers a very good grip. Appropriate for a use in the agri-food industry.

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    Stainless steel soap dispenser

    Wall-mounted soap dispenser made of stainless steel wire for high resistance to corrosion and high durability. Ultra-hygienic, this stainless steel soap dispenser is easy to clean and prevents any risk of contamination. Perfect for use in the agri-food industry. This wall-mounted soap dispenser is very compact and can easily fit in tight spaces.

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    1L Antiseptic soap cartridge

    Colourless, antiseptic and hypoallergenic soap cartridge for handwashing. Suitable for the stainless steel soap dispenser. Perfect for use in the agri-food industry where hygiene is a major issue.

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    Paper-towel dispenser

    Centerpull paper towel dispenser. The most hygienic option for hand-drying: disposable hand towels, no-touch dispenser. Perfect for the agri-food industry. Maxi format, more cost-effective.

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    Paper towel roll x6

    Disposable paper towel for paper towel dispenser. Strong and absorbent, this paper towel is perfect for use in the agri-food industry.

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    20L pedal bin

    Robust and stable 20L pedal bin: the perfect accessory for your slaughter facility (to equip hand washing facilities). The footpedal enables the user to open the lid without touching it with their hands, thereby guaranteeing optimal hygiene conditions and avoiding cross contamination. Perfect for use in the agri-food industry.

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    30L Bin bags

    These strong 30L bin bags are suitable for use with the 20L pedal bin (sold separately). They are designed for ordinary wastes. Easy to use: perforated rolls and twist tie.

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    35L bin with tilting lid

    This 35L economy bin with tilting lid is robust and stable. It is the perfect accessory to equip hand washing facilities within your slaughter facility.

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    50L bin bags

    These 50L bin bags are suitable for use with the 35L bin with tilting lid. Strong and leak proof bin bags designed for ordinary wastes. Easy-to-use 50L bin bags: perforated rolls (pre-cut bags) and twist tie.

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