Metallic apron designed to provide the greatest protection to the operator while using knives or cleavers during poultry cut-up or deboning. Robust and long lasting, this metallic apron is made of detectable stainless steel plates linked by stainless steel rings. Reversible. Combines comfort and exceptional puncture resistance (stops knife blades to prevent cuts).


This metallic apron is made of a specific detectable stainless steel.
Detectable stainless steel plates have specific dimensions and shapes that provide flexibility and suppleness.
Easy-to-fit metallic apron fitted with a removable fastening harness made of transparent polyurethane and adjustable back straps. The fastening harness and the strap keep the apron in place so that it doesn’t open when the operator leans forward and prevent the apron from slipping out inadvertently (to always protect the operator’s heart). The apron weight is correctly distributed on shoulders and back.
The metallic apron is also available with standard plastic straps with minimum quantities (quotation upon request: not sold online).
This metallic apron is designed thanks to a patented system: stainless steel plates are linked by stainless steel rings and are reversible to offer total protection thus avoiding any possible risk from wearing them back to front.
Puncture tests revel a resistance level 40 times higher than the current standards requirements (standard EN ISO 13998).
Complies with the EN ISO 13998 standards: protection level 2 (suitable for boning).
This metallic apron is available in two dimensions: 55 x 70 cm or 55 x 80 cm. Please refer to the size guide below for more information.
Can also be available in a tunic version (quotation upon request: not sold online).
Made in France. Delivered in an individual box with a user manual. Harness supplied separately: ready for self-assembly (easy assembly).

Size guide:


Operator’s measurement

55 x70 cm

Height: from 158 to 166 cm

Chest size: from 100 to 120 cm

55 x 80 cm

Height: from 170 to 188 cm

Chest size: from 100 to 120 cm

Metallic apron

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Data sheet
Dimensions 55 x 70 cm or 55 x 80 cm
Weight 1.450 kg or 1.650 kg
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