Full protective apron with opening in the back.
Used when more protection than an apron is required.
This apron is extremely easy to put on and take off.


(Please note that other fastening systems are also available on request from our customer service department (not sold online).
Elasticated sleeves.
Made from 100% pure polyurethane ether (commonly known as PU).


- Reusable and ultra-resistant
- 100% resistant to animal fats, degreasing agents, cleaning products and water
- 100% recyclable
- Lightweight and comfortable
- PU material will never crack.
- Machine washable
Complies with CFIA, FDA/USDA and EU food safety standards

Care instructions :
Soak wash and hang dry (pure PU does not absorb moisture).
Machine washable and safe up to 82°C (180°F):
Refer to washing instructions.

Properties :
Enhanced antimicrobial properties: Mould will not grow on this material.
Thicknesses of 150 and 200 µ (microns) possible (on request)
Length of 142 cm.

Wear resistance
Soft/soft down to -65°C.
Light, soft and comfortable to wear.
Pure PU is smooth: Abrasion and adhesion are practically zero.
Almost nothing sticks (or stains) the PU from grease, food/processing waste, glue, etc.

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Yellow Sleeve Apron - 150 microns - Length 142cm - Size XL

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Data sheet
Colours yellow
Length 142 cm
Thickness 150 microns
Taille XL
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