Immersion heater element with thermostat and power cord, suitable for the BB manual dip tank for poultry.  


Screw plug immersion heater element, sold as spare part, for BB manual dip tank.
This immersion heater element is fitted with a polyamide enclosure, a thermostat graduated from 1 to 8 allowing you to control the water temperature, a safety device (98°C) and a power cord (length: 3m).

Immersion heater element for BB manual dip tank

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Data sheet
Voltage 230V
Immersion heater power rating 3kW
Length 38 cm
Ingress Protection Rating IP 44
Thermostat settings from 32°C to 75°C
Heater length 25 cm
Connection diameter 1"1/2
Pressure rating bar 15 bars
Heater diameter 4 cm
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