Polyethylene bags 230x310 - 2000 units carton
Suitable for :
alimentaire food contact
congelation freezing
recyclage recycling
reutilisation reuse
clippeuse clipping machine coneemballage packing funnel

2000 plastic bags for poultry packaging funnel or clipping machine.


40 layers of 50 bags 230x310 mm, 50 µm.

Clear polyethylene bags conforming to food contact.

Reusable, made from recycled material and recyclable.

Complies with the law of Energy Transition.

Polished sleeve.

Also sold in bags of 200.

OTHER AVAILABLE SIZES: 300x350 mm, packs of 200 or 1400 bags and 350x500 mm, packs of 200 or 800 bags.

Polyethylene bags 230x310 - 2000 units carton

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Data sheet
Dimensions 230 x 310 mm
Thickness 50 µm
Material Polyethylene
Carton weight 13.4 kg
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