Carton of 500 recyclable vacuum bags 300x400 - 140 microns

Vacuum bags compatible with the vacuum packaging machine, allowing the vacuum packaging of all types of foodstuffs. This format of vacuum bags can be used to pack poultry carcasses (whole or cut in half, depending on weight).  [non-contractual photo]


Smooth vacuum bags, guaranteed for food contact, rectangular shape made of PA/EVOH/PE (Polyamide/Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol/Polyethylene)

Carton of 500 packed in sachets of 5 containing 100 vaccum bags, also sold in sachets of 100 bags, also available in size  250x300

ISO 1183 standard

100% recyclable

Boxes of vaccum sacks are also available, smooth in size 250x300 and 300x400 and embossed in size 300x400

Our advice for use:
These vacuum bags can be used with vacuum machines having a sealing bar of a length superior to 29 cm.
To use these vacuum bags: place in the bag the foodstuffs you wish to package. Place the bag in the chamber of the vacuum machine with the opening on the sealing bar. Then proceed to pack the poultry according to the instructions of the vacuum machine used.
Vacuum bag labels can be used to ensure full traceability of the packaged food.

Carton of 500 recyclable vacuum bags 300x400 - 140 microns

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Data sheet
Dimensions 300 x 400 mm
Thickness 140μ
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