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Plucking finger suitable for all types of poultry, for TRM1 rotary plucker and TRM2 rotary plucker. The RLNT 45 plucking finger has a conical shape and a ribbed surface. It is solid and soft and offers a good plucking quality.


These plucking fingers are sold as spare parts to replace worn and bent plucking fingers on rotary pluckers. The RLNT 45 plucking finger is made of high quality rubber.
Made in France.
Many types of plucking fingers are available: don’t hesitate to contact our customer services team for a customized offer.

RLNT 45 plucking finger (x25)

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Data sheet
Colours black
Weight 0.025 kg
Length 9 cm
Hardness 45 shores
Diameter at the base 2.8 cm
Finger diameter 2 cm
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Commande facile, très rapide. Les doigts s'abiment un vite mais dans l'ensemble, bon produit.