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Operators working in a cold storage environment need to be highly protected against cold. As a consequence, we offer a specific range of cold storage clothing. A cold storage coverall provides the operator’s complete protection, from head to foot. A quitted sleeveless jacket, a fleece jacket or a cold storage jacket will protect the upper-body against cold.

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    Cold storage coverall

    Cold storage coverall designed for work in cold environments (cold storage, etc.). This cold storage coverall provides optimal protection against cold (up to -40°C) and avoids cold bridges.

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    Cold storage jacket

    High-quality cold storage jacket designed for use in cold work environments (up to -40°C), particularly in the food industry. This cold storage jacket provides great body protection against cold and ensures a high resistance level while offering high comfort level (lightweight, etc.). Durable and heard wearing, reinforced at critical wear points such as...

    129,60 €
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    Quilted sleeveless jacket

    Quilted sleeveless jacket perfect for cold work environments (for temperatures around 0°C): cold storage, etc. This quilted sleeveless jacket provides ease of movement while protecting from cold.

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  • 43,80 € In Stock
    Fleece jacket

    This fleece jacket was designed for cold work environments such as outdoor work, cold storage, etc. Will keep you warm and well. Soft and breathable. Very comfortable to wear. High pilling resistance. Exceptional quality for an unbeatable price.

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    Cold storage hood

    This hood was specifically designed for cold work environments such as cold storage. This cold storage hood provides exceptional against cold up to -40°C.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items