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Looking for chilling trolley castors? We can provide various types of chilling trolley castors, made of polyamide or rubber, depending on the flooring type, fixed or swivel, to move easily your chilling trolley.

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  • 24,00 € In Stock
    Polyamide castor

    Castor polyamide sold as spare part to replace castors of various types of chilling trolleys: suitable for chilling trolleys with racks, chilling trolleys with peaks, tubular chilling trolleys and chilling trolleys for rabbits.

    24,00 €
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  • 15,96 € In Stock
    Rubber castor

    Rubber castor sold as spare parts for chilling trolleys. Suitable for: chilling trolleys with racks, peaks, tubular chilling trolley and chilling trolley for rabbit.

    15,96 €
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items